Disabled Role Models in the Public Sector

The List Influence

With the recent publication by the Disability News Service of The List identifying the UK’s most influential disabled people in 10 categories, I was privileged to see my name on the 2014 Public Service top 10 influencers list.


It got me thinking that, whilst the list is impressive, I can easily name another 10 impressive disabled people who are making an impact on public life but are not necessarily as well known or as ‘noticed’. I wondered if part of the problem was visibility – lots of disabled people are doing interesting things and making a difference across society through their work in public service, but that work goes largely unsung.


So while it may be true that there are not enough disabled role models in society, perhaps that’s because we don’t look hard enough – and because people find it difficult to think of themselves as ‘role models’. It would be great to see a whole host of other names on the list next year!