Social Media a Game Changer for Charities

Companies Dont Tweet Organisations DoLast Wednesday I attended the Charities and Social Media Dinner hosted by Grant Thornton. It was an excellent evening. The keynote speaker, Euan Semple, was very engaging and challenged us to re-examine social media and the potential it has for charities.  This was followed by animated table discussions – and, of course, great food!


Though many charities are still playing catch-up as they try to get to grips with social media, the recent runaway success of campaigns like the ‘no make-up selfie’ and the ‘ice bucket challenge’ have inspired supporters and demonstrated its enormous potential when used well.  Scope’s own End the Awkward campaign was designed for a generation of ‘digital natives’ and has been hugely successful.


The power that social media has to engage directly with stakeholders and amplify messages quickly and cost effectively is really exciting. Boards of Charities would do well to recognise and embrace this power, developing robust governance to harness the opportunity whilst not holding it back.