Spotlight on the Charity Chairs Conference

Chairs Conference

The chair’s leadership role is vital in driving good governance in the organisation, but it can be a lonely at the top. This is why the Charity Chairs Conference this week in London was such a useful forum for charity chairs to get together in constructive dialogue and discuss the challenges and issues they face.


The conference was a year long culmination of the fantastic Lord Mayor’s Charity Leadership programme, which has provided a much needed spotlight on leadership within charities and brought together the City and charity chairs. It has also helped make a practical difference to chairs in charities through a programme of training, forums and thought leadership.


I was delighted to be on the panel discussing the Diversity of Boards chaired by Lord Gus Macdonald.  The lively panel discussion helped illustrate the many different types, makeups and sizes of non-profit Boards and provided useful ‘food for thought’ for delegates and panel members alike.