The Silly Season


Oh dear it’s that time of the year again…the summer lull when there is a dearth of news about so the press takes to criticising charities. Last year Chief Executives’ pay came under assault and this year it seems the focus is on charity fundraising.

The Daily Mail recently published a personal attack on the lifestyles of four Fundraising Directors that was uncalled for. The real disappointment for me, however, was that the organisations involved did not step up in response to support their staff and their practices.  I would have liked to see a comment or two from their Chairs, perhaps outlining the impact a good Fundraising Director has on the ability of the charity to serve its beneficiaries well and the ratio of donated funds to the cost of generating these funds.  Most charities do not need to be defensive – but we often appear so by not responding proactively.  So come on Chairs and Boards: be proud of what you do and tell the world!