As a Doctor of Business Administration Alice has provided thought leadership on a range of topics ranging from governance, inclusion and transport.

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Her publications span academic and mainstream media and include:

  • Bedding down radical change at Scope (Governance, November 2015)
  • Who’s advising the government on human genetics? (Bionews, June 2015)
  • Genetics, Disability and Bioethics (in Disabling Barriers, Enabling Environments, Third Edition, October 2013)
  • Can measuring the benefits of accessible transport enable a seamless journey? (Journal of Transport and Land Use, 2009)
  • The place of disabled access in economic appraisal in the UK (TRANSED, Montreal 2007)
  • Monetising the benefits of disabled access in transport appraisal (TRANSED, Montreal 2007)
  • The economic appraisal of transport projects: the incorporation of disabled access (Thesis, August 2007)
  • Co-author, Towards Joined Up Lives (GLA, 2006)
  • Co-author, Breaking Down Bureaucratic Barriers (Muscle Power! 2000)
  • COST 335 European Action Report (on good practice in access to heavy rail systems) – writer of stations, information and training chapters (EU, 1999)
  • The Way Forward – a development pack for organisations of disabled people (BCODP, 1996)
  • Disabled by an MBA? (European Women Entrepreneurs Journal, 1995)
  • Adequate Technology (Ecart III, Lisbon 1995)
  • Articles in various publications including Counselling at Work, Therapy Weekly (1993-1997)

Alice welcomes media enquiries and is available for comment on issues ranging from governance, social issues, inclusion, housing and transport.