What people say about Dr Alice Maynard CBE…


“As Chief Executive of Scope I had the pleasure of having Alice as my Chair for five years until October 2014. Alice was a brilliant Chair for Scope, leading the organisation through a time of huge change and always ensuring she played the governance role effectively by supporting and challenging the Executive appropriately.

Alice has a tremendous ability to understand complex and sensitive issues and communicate them in a way that is understood and appreciated by a wide variety of stakeholders. Working closely with Alice was a great privilege and I learned an enormous amount from her. Alice is very strategic, has great vision and is an extremely conscientious Non-Executive Director. She led the Board at Scope to create a bold and ambitious strategy, ensuring that the Trustees continued to lead the transformational changes the strategy called for.”


“As a Trustee of the Association of Chairs Alice brings to the table not only her considerable experience but a strategic mind and a grasp of the core issues affecting the work. Alice has a rare ability to both get the ‘big picture’ and think ahead as to where things are moving towards and a grasp of the detail. ”


“Alice is an articulate and well informed colleague who made a very significant contribution to the work of the Human Genetics Commission over a number of years. She engages in debate in a spirited and positive way and is fun to work with.”


“I’ve worked with Alice on a whole range of different projects over the last 20 years. She has always been extremely hard-working, is highly intelligent, perceptive and inventive. She seeks perfection and is not satisfied until she has got the very best out of herself and everyone around her.

She has made a huge difference to equality and diversity and has stayed true to her values throughout. She is passionate about her work and enjoys immersing herself in problem-solving. She is sensitive, funny and a pleasure to work with.”


“I have come to work with Alice through her role as Chair of Scope and my chairmanship of Scope’s HR Committee. Alice is fantastically committed to her role at Scope and how she fits that in with her her other activities I do not know. She is a delight to work with, has a keen sense of humour but most importantly has a clear vision of what she wants to achieve and works determindly to achive her goals.”


Please see Dr Alice Maynard’s Linked In profile for more information.