Building on the Paralympic Legacy

I am delighted to a  member of the Paralympic Legacy Advisory Group set up in December 2012. This advisory group is made up of representatives from various disability charities, Disabled People’s User-Led Organisations (DPULOs), Paralympians and business. It aims to:

  • provide a voice for organisations not currently represented on other legacy committees
  • bring the Paralympic-associated legacy elements of the programme together
  • assist the government and Greater London Authority (GLA) in implementing the Paralympic legacy programme
  • provide a forum through which to engage external organisations, and to seek their advice and support
  • make sure that opportunities are taken in London and across the UK

Never a Dull Moment being a Facilitator

Last week I moderated a very interesting Panel Discussion of Senior London Transport Managers at the ‘On the Right Track: Improvements in Accessibility’ event in central London. Organised by Transport for London it gave the public an opportunity to question senior transport decisionmakers about their decisions and progress in making London transport more accessible.

The discussion was lively; both sides having the opportunity to share their perspective. For the spirited users of the various modes of London Transport and senior representatives from the transport providers it proved to be an informative forum, certainly not dull!


Board Talk: Pay Levels for Senior Charity Staff…

This month on Board Talk, hosted by Third Sector, I had the pleasure of discussing pay levels in the Charity Sector with Viv Copeland, Head of Reward at Croner.

The question was posed… How should pay levels be set for senior charity staff? We discussed the complexities involved in setting pay levels for senior charity staff and what the role of trustees is in the process.

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