Annual reception at No 10

Alice with Theresa May and Sir Ian CheshireI recently attended the annual Government nonexecutives reception at 10 Downing Street. It’s always interesting and very useful to meet other non-execs in an informal setting to share experiences. Gaining insight into how other departments and other non-execs work enables me to broaden my understanding of different aspects of government so that I can bring even more to the Board table and add more value in all my roles.

What if you can’t use public transport?

On 29th March some of my fellow Transport for London Board members and I were taken on a fascinating visit to Dial-A-Ride to see the operation in practice and learn more about it. Public transport in London is becoming increasingly accessible, so many of us are able to get out and about using mainstream modes. But for some, it will never be possible to walk to a bus stop and wait for a bus, or walk through a tube station and board a train, for instance – and for some their ability to do that will depend on how they are feeling that day, or what the weather is like. So ‘social needs transport’ is key to ensuring everyone can get out and about, reducing isolation and increasing mental and physical wellbeing. The dedication of the staff was impressive and I felt proud to be part of an organisation that recognises different needs and tries to meet them well.