Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Information gathered online is used only by Dr Alice Maynard for internal marketing analysis, to improve services or to enhance the website.

I will not pass on the information collected to any third party or sell or redistribute it for any reason.  I only put cookies on your computer in order that your accessibility preferences can be met

I only collect personally identifiable information submitted by visitors in connection with the website contact forms or e-mail addresses of those who communicate with us via e-mail.

I will never give out your e-mail address for any reason.

Internet Cookies are only used to store your website preference setting.  Two ‘first-party’ Cookies are used:

  • CMSSESSID535f9583 stores a session ID needed to aid the performance of the website.
  • style stores a session Cookie so that when you change your accessibility preferences the site can ‘remember’ them.

Both Cookies are session only, which means that when you close the browser window, the Cookies are removed from your computer.