Fuel Poverty annual report at the NEA National Conference


As a member of the Committee on Fuel Poverty I was delighted to attend the NEA National Conference in Manchester last month. We started the final day of the conference by launching our annual report which laid out our direction of travel and early thinking on how to reduce fuel poverty.

We were also privilaged to listen in on the round-table discussion sessions on Fuel Poverty expertly chaired by Derek Lickorish MBE, Chair of NEA. These lively discussions provided much useful input to help focus our priorities for the coming year so that we can better advise on the policies aimed at reducing fuel poverty.

To see a full copy of the annual Fuel Poverty report click here.

A Day Out Visiting a National Grid Control Centre



Last month I enjoyed an interesting day out visiting the National Grid control centre in Wokingham where planning of the transmission network happens.  As a relatively new member of the Committee on Fuel Poverty, which advises Government on the effectiveness of policies aimed at reducing fuel poverty, I found the visit fascinating and learnt a great deal about power transmission.

Thank you to National Grid for hosting us and providing the expertly guided tour.


New Appointment to the Fuel Poverty Committee

Fuel Poverty

I am delighted to have been appointed to the Committee on Fuel Poverty, which advises Government on the effectiveness of policies aimed at reducing fuel poverty and encourages greater co-ordination across the organisations working to reduce fuel poverty.


It replaces the former Fuel Poverty Advisory Group and, as part of this transition, it has moved from being a committee of organisational representatives to one of independent experts. Members were appointed in January 2016 for 3 years following the appointment of our Chair, Tom Wright CBE, last year.


With only our first meeting under our belts it is early days;  I am looking forward, however, to tackling what is a big agenda for both our social and environmental responsibilities.


For more information about the Committee on Fuel Poverty and its remit please see https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/committee-on-fuel-poverty

Developing new NICE Guidelines for Adult Social Care


I’m privileged to be chairing the newly formed committee that will develop NICE guidelines on improving the experience of people using adult social care services, in conjunction with the NICE Collaborating Centre for Social Care.  The guidelines will make evidence-based recommendations on how to improve adults’ experiences of social care services; these will apply to all settings where care is delivered (people’s own homes, residential care and community settings).

For people who use social care, the way in which it is delivered – how we experience it – can make the difference between just existing from day to day and living as full a life as possible. That’s why I am looking forward to helping those who deliver social care and those who use it to understand what good looks like and what we can expect.

The scope of the project has been finalised and we are now calling for evidence until 30 March 2016. So watch this space!

For project information or to register as a stakeholder please see http://www.nice.org.uk/guidance/indevelopment/gid-scwave0772